60 Sec Pitch To Sell A Glass Of Water

Posted on April 30, 2015 – No Comments

Nearly a quarter of all websites use WordPress as their chosen platform, yet many businesses are hesitant to try it.

The open source content management system is simple to use, yet powerful enough to run some of the most popular websites in the world. Many developers have chosen to specialize in WordPress for the flexibility and simplicity of the platform.

If your clients still aren’t comfortable with switching, try sharing some WordPress stats with them. The numbers alone are impressive and are enough to sway most clients.

As of early 2015, 23% of all websites are powered by WordPress. In 2014 alone, 18 million new WordPress sites were created. The number of WordPress sites and users grows every day as people discover how easy it is to manage a site through the CMS. Out of Quantcast’s top one million sites, WordPress powers 19.1%. This shows that WordPress sites aren’t just for personal blogs, but popular websites as well.

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