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Mar 13, 2017 2:56 pm


Ghost In The Shell Scarlett Johansson

“Ghost in the Shell”

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LiveCaster Review

Video is taking content marketing by storm. The human brain is trained to react to sound and movement. 90% of the information that the brain processes is visual. One minute of Video is the equivalent of 1800 words. No other medium has the impact of Video.





In 2017 most of the news feed will be video based

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google

Never before video has been so accessible to the global population

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Fancontact Customer Review

IM Tools Review

Marketing Tools, Softwares Review

Fancontact Facebook messenger system is a new cloud based software from Andrew Darius. This can can transform your Facebook account into your own autoresponder.

Fan Contact will launch on April 26th 2017 at 11.00 Am Edt

fancontact launch

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FanContact Review

Do you have a social marketing plan for your business? Surprisingly, many businesses do not. Of course, you are probably thinking. “Who has the time to put together a social marketing plan, I’m lucky to have found time to get a Facebook page.”

Everyone has good intentions when they create their social media accounts for their businesses, but then life happens. You don’t have time to maintain the accounts, post great content, study the analytics or interact with your followers, so maybe you wonder,

Not only is it worth it, its absolutely imperative that you have a solid social media platform. This is even more important today. Why? One word. 


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Nischen Nerd Powerguide

In der letzten Zeit wird in verschiedenen Medien zunehmend über die Situation des Podcasting insbesondere in Deutschland diskutiert. Dabei wird Viva Britannia  immer wieder als eine Ausnahme von der deutschen Regel erwähnt – was mich natürlich sehr freut! Wer ist nicht gerne das Paradebeispiel? Gleichzeitig finde ich es etwas bedenklich für die deutsche Podcast-Szene, wenn es immer nur ein einziges Amateur-Projekt gibt, das bei der Frage nach einem kurzen Format genannt wird. Aber schön der Reihe nach.

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Vyco Pro Overview

Vyco Pro Viral Traffic and Engagement Finder Software by Ricky Mataka – Powerful App Software To Find viral Traffic and Engagement on The Market Will Allow Its User To Find The Pulsating Viral Content From Social Media Such As Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion Within A Few Clicks Vyco Viral Traffic and Engagement Finder… Read More »

EverLesson Agency by Chad Nicely

Social Media Marketing Agency Training Program by Tai Lopez

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Explainer Video Mumbai Explainer Video Mumbai

Little Kulture sat down with Ahalya Momaya, co-owner of Trilogy library and bookstore to know more about her wonderful space. Ahalya was raised on books by an avid book-reading father and a mother who insisted on home cooked lunches and a book from the library down the road for her girls on a daily basis. Ahalya and her sister therefore grew on a steady diet of Enid Blyton and Tintin books. Along the way, she met her husband Meethil Momaya another lover of books. Pretty soon the two of them they decided that they must put up a space for all book lovers, young and old.

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Nischen Nerd – Online Geld Verdienen


Geld verdienen mit Nischenseiten

– Zur Affilizon Academy – Zum Nischen Nerd Powerguide – Zum Azon Master – Ich habe den Nischennerd interviewt. Schaue dir diesen krassen Mehrwert an Hier gehts direkt…

– Zur Affilizon Academy – Zum Nischen Nerd Powerguide – Zum Azon Master – 🎓 KOSTENLOSES FBA COACHING: ►► |||| 🎓 GRATIS BACKLINK GUIDE ►► 🚀…

– Zur Affilizon Academy – Zum Nischen Nerd Powerguide – Zum Azon Master – ⬇ ⬇WEIHNACHTSAKTION BIS ZUM 30.12.2016⬇ ⬇ 🎓POWERGUIDE: CODE: “fest2016” ► 🎓KICKSTARTER: CODE: “Danke2016” ►…

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Kriketz Demo

Whether your goal is to build Likes on your brand’s Facebook page or drive traffic to your website – we can develop a campaign that will target the users that are most likely to engage with your brand.

Twitter is the perfect forum to find out what people are talking about in real time. Stay on top of trends in your industry, keep in touch with customers, and build followers to maximize engagement on this platform. It’s also a great medium to refine your brands personality by interacting with your audience.

The search engine’s social network is one of the most relevant ways to increase social signals to your website. With every Gmail user automatically converted over to Google+, the user base is both large and diverse. Google+ is now intrinsically linked to Google Local (formerly Google Places), Google Places for Business, Google Authorship, Google Maps, and YouTube – making it a powerhouse of interconnectivity.

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Vyco Pro Software

This project hopes to bring about the reduction by ten percent of gross litter at five bus stops in the City of Durham. Through the method of a targeted anti-litter campaign, we hope to target cigarette litter and fast food waste. This will occur through the use of social marketing methods by way of social media (Facebook and Twitter), presence at Durham events, passing out of swag (pocket ashtrays) at bus stop study areas, and the existence of flyers at bus stops and in DATA buses. By partnering with the Durham Stormwater Management Department, Keep Durham Beautiful, and DATA Transportation, this study will be made possible.

A pre study and post study assessment will be conducted to determine if social marketing intervention was a success. It is our hypothesis that the use of a social marketing campaign will significantly decrease gross litter in Downtown Durham, NC. It is specifically hypothesized that this campaign will create a ten percent decrease in gross litter at the five bus stop study areas. Informed by results of the study, our final objective is to make recommendations to the Durham Stormwater Management Department for potential courses of action in preventing littering behavior in downtown Durham.

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