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Dr Samuel & Dr Khan

Vicarage Lane Health Centre, 10 Vicarage Lane, Stratford, E15 4ES

8.30-10.00 – Appointments only
10.00-12.00 – All other enquiries
15.00-16.00 – Appointments only
16.00-18.00 – All other enquiries

The NHS Health Check programme is a mandatory public health service.  It is a national vascular risk assessment and management programme for people aged between 40 – 74 years, in order to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD).  This programme does not include people who already have a pre-existing CVD or diabetes.

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Looking For Proven Teeth Whitening

12056 teeth whitening

How would you like to have brighter and more attractive teeth in just about an hour? If you answered yes, you will want to hear more about our dental bleaching here at Pine Ridge Dental. Our 12056 teeth whitening done at our office is remarkably fast, effective, and safe. Or if you prefer the flexibility and convenience of doing it at home, we have an option for that, too. And in just a few days, you will get outstanding results with that method.

When you’re dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, you tend to keep your mouth closed. You smile less often, you cover your mouth with your hand, and you feel self-conscious. But you can eliminate all of that with our 12056 teeth whitening. No matter why your teeth became stained or discolored (and there are many everyday hazards that are to blame), you don’t have to simply live with a smile that is not to your standards. Don’t settle for store-bought products that you find in the supermarket or drug store. They don’t offer you outcomes that are nearly as impressive as we can with our 12056 teeth whitening. And they may contain abrasive ingredients that cause damage to your tooth enamel. Why risk that? In our office, our dentist will perform the dental bleaching process and you will find it simple, easy, and comfortable. For the take-home option, you will be measured for custom-made trays that you will wear during the evening at home. It’s simple and it works. And that’s what matters the most. You can take pride in your smile. And while the results are not permanent, you can expect them to last one year up to several years, depending on your habits and how well you maintain your teeth.

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Productos Light Para Perder Peso

Hello hello! After a whirlwind semester examining the narratives of food security in Tanzania, India and Italy, I’ve decided to settle down for a bit in Spain. I decided not to blog during the program, because my head would have exploded, but my SIT family can attest that I spent an inordinate amount of time journaling. As I was leafing through the wrinkled pages, I came to two conclusions. First of all, I love words. Not exactly a surprise for any…

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Wrapping a pair of shorts around your head is a great way to sleep through an early sunrise. When DC residents say bring an umbrella to work, they mean bring an umbrella to work. Thunderstorms here mean business. Stability balls will always be superior to chairs. After you roast sweet potatoes for an hour, the oven door will be hot. Do not touch it. Why did you touch the oven door. Networking is a scary term for chatting over coffee….

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Looking For Information On Thorough Teeth Cleaning

Fluoride, what is the purpose of having it and why is it so important?


Fluoride is a mineral that is necessary to aid in preventing tooth decay by increasing the tooth’s resistance to acid, bacteria and sugar, especially while permanent teeth are still developing. It is also necessary to aid in remineralization and reversing early tooth decay in both children and adults.

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Hip Pain When Sleeping Solve All Your Hip Pain Issues Now!

Break free of ITB pain after runningA a few weeks ago I mentioned there were 2 things I’m constantly asked about…

One is hamstring injuries; check out Why Stretching Your Hamstrings Might Be a Waste of Time.

The other is how to get rid of lateral knee pain – ie, the dreaded ITB syndrome.

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5 Ways To Increase The Amount Of Calories You Burn A Day

I’m often asked how many calories different weight training movements burn. The big, compound movements, such bench press, squat, and power cleans can use significant amounts of weight, and one would think, burn plenty o’ calories. In case you’ve been sleeping during my rants however…. It’s not the weight that you burn during the lifts, but for the hours afterward, as your elevated basal metabolic rate goes to town.

For those of you hell bent on discovering how many calories you burn every time you hoist a bar at your next power clean session, here goes. Yeah, you were told there would b no math, but that was a lie… too bad!

If you’re doing 100 kilo squats, for example. (Yeah, that’s 220lbs for those of us who haven’t graduated to the metric system. Science is metric, and it makes the math a heck of a lot easier. Deal with it!)

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Workout Shoes For Women: Women’s Gym Shoes

Athletic Propulsion Labs gold and silver TechLoom Pro, $160;

Adidas Alphabounce sneaker, $100;

Asics Gel-Fit Tempo 3 sneaker, $70;

Adidas by Stella McCartney Pure Boost sneaker, $189; Stylebop.

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Dieta Fodmap

Nutrición clínica y deportiva

0009476770W-565x849Muchas personas pueden padecer este síndrome durante años sin saberlo. ¿Cuántas veces hemos oído a alguien decir que tiene problemas estomacales o dolor abdominal, o que de repente padece estreñimiento o que sus heces  son más blandas de lo normal?. Y es que estos síntomas pueden ser comunes a muchas otras dolencias.

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Diaper Hypnosis – How To Control Incontinence With Diaper Hypnosis

With only weeks left before her May due date, Tiffani Thiessen celebrated with a baby shower on Sunday afternoon at her and husband Brady Smith‘s home outside Los Angeles.

The White Collar star welcomed about 65 guests to the outdoor party, hosted by former 90210 costar Jason Priestley‘s wife Naomi.

Guests enjoyed a cake from Hansen’s Cakes and a gift bag that included goodies from baby company BabyBjörn.

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Plastic Surgeons Who Do Mommy Makeovers In Omaha

Dr. Wooten has demonstrated a mastery in the full spectrum of procedures used to enhance, lift, reshape, and reconstruct female breasts. Dr. Wooten also routinely performs male breast reductions (gynecomastia surgery). Her extraordinary experience in performing breast surgeries is best showcased by Beleza’s extensive ‘Before and After’ photo galleries.

Among the services offered by Beleza Plastic Surgery are a number of surgeries that dramatically improve body shape and contour. Dr. Wooten is one of the most sought out surgeons in the Pittsburgh area for procedures that reshape or remove fat from the arms, stomach, and lower body. Body shaping and contouring procedures are especially popular with men and women who have lost significant weight and have excess skin. Women who want to regain their ideal figure after childbirth, may want to learn more about our extremely popular mommy makeover procedure.

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