The Flat Earth | Vol. 3 / No. 3.1

Is Flat Earth Theory Deception Is Flat Earth Disclosure


Dancing Past the Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences by Nancy Evans Bush

“Absolutely enthralling—literary, adventurous, incisive, informative and smart.…I think it’s one of the strongest, most thought-provoking books on the paranormal I’ve ever seen.”
Steve Volk, journalist and author.

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Hand Blown Glass Hand Blown Glass Art

The Asheville Glass Center opened in 2009 at the Phil Mechanic Studios in Asheville’s River Arts District. In March of 2011 we expanded into a new location at the nearby Roberts Street Studios. We now have a Hot Shop and Cold Shop, in addition to the flameworking studio. We provide instruction and equipment rental in off-hand glassblowing, cold working and flameworking in both soft glass and borosilicate. We currently have 6 nortel minor torches set up for both classes and torch rental. All of our equipment is available for rental by the hour, week and month.
Please look at our class offerings or stop by and see the studio.

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Astrology For The Workplace Work Zodiac Forecasts

AstroMarketing Workbook

All of the things you need to be successful at marketing yourself and your business are clearly outlined in your own birth chart. In fact, your birth chart is the ultimate, personalized marketing plan.

This introductory package includes:

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The Moon and Your Business: Customers from Hell

As I described in my previous post, the Moon in your chart symbolizes your ideal customer, but it also represents your customer—or relationship, or …
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The Moon and Your Business: Who is Your Ideal customer?

Ideal customers are the ones who are the natural audience for what you have to offer, the ones who love what you do. How can you find more of them? Look to your natal Moon…

An …
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Full Moon in Aquarius: Acknowledgements

Without a doubt, my favorite part of authoring two books was writing the acknowledgements pages. This is a writer’s chance to offer shout-outs to the cast of characters who’ve helped or inspired her on her …
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New Moon in Leo: Loving Your Brand

A few years ago, my progressed Sun entered Libra—the sign of marketing—and suddenly I find myself fascinated by the subject. The more I’ve studied it, the more I’ve realized that everything you need to know …
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Astrology Q & A: Building an astrology practice in a new city

In 2011, I started teaching astrology. My beginning, intermediate and advanced chart interpretation classes are a hit! I found my calling! I loved sharing my knowledge to empower people to explore the vast world of …
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Astrology and the Business of Being You

by April Elliott Kent

This article previously appeared in Llewellyn’s 2009 Moon Sign Book

In 1991, I left a cushy office job to become a professional astrologer. It’s a path that’s had its ups and downs, …
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Marketing and astrology are not mutually exclusive

I’ve packaged a cleaned-up version (I edited out most of the dirty words) of my recent lecture on using your birth chart to market yourself along with a little workbook I designed to …
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Best Wedding Rings In Wynne AR

ExxonMobil Corp has sued FX Networks over its use of the second “X” in its new, comedy-centric network which, the oil company says, infringes on its interlocking XX’s. This double-cross brawl may come as a surprise to Dos Equis (that’s Spanish for “Two X”), which also has a double-X logo, and we assume the legal wrangling will be be watched with considerable interest by the XX chromosome, and the roman numeral for 20.

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How To Survive A Deadly Pandemic

pandemic survivalWith news of Ebola spreading in West Africa and even entering the US in a few isolated cases, people are understandably worried about the possibility of a pandemic coming to their town.  It seems every season there is a new virus or infection to worry about.  With people all over prepping for Ebola, the knowledge you acquire to protect yourself and loved ones in a pandemic survival situation has never been more valuable.

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What Is A Celtic Horoscope

Symbolism of the Compass. Meaning of Cardinal Directions

One of my readers asked me about the deeper meaning of the four directions (north, south, east, west).  Specifically, she was given a powerful mandala, and wanted to know in which direction would be most auspicious to hang the mandala in his home.  My response follows…

Dear Coordinated Coordinates: 

Excellent observation.

We can honor and enhance the attributes of something (such as your mandala gift) by placing it in an area that is aligned with appropriate energy.

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