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Creating a website used to cost a small fortune, and even today, you can still spend quite a bit of money to get a professionally designed and developed website even if you’re using WordPress. But if you are the type of person that enjoys doing things themselves, and if you don’t mind spending some time learning how to pick out the right theme, choose the right plugins and configure everything properly, then building yourself a website can actually be very cost-effective.
WordPress is an open source piece of software that you can install on your own Web server. It’s free to use and has thousands of free and premium themes to help you design your site the way you want. There are also tens of thousands of plugins both free and premium that you could use to add functionality to your WordPress powered website.

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How To Take On Sacred Cows To Change Culture

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Original Youtube video here: Tackling Sacred Cows To Change Culture

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Watch it on Youtube: Tackling Sacred Cows To Change Organizational Culture

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Watch it on Youtube: How To Take On The Organizational Culture’s Sacred Cows

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Watch video on Youtube: Tackling The Organizational Culture’s Sacred Cows

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Original Youtube video here: How To Take On Sacred Cows To Change Culture

Geld Verdienen Im Internet 2017 – Geld Verdienen Mit Affiliate Marketing

Geld im Internet verdienen hat viele Vorteile. Oder doch nicht? Das Internet ist die Goldader des 21. Jahrhunderts. Es bietet Chancen wie kaum eine technische Errungenschaft zuvor und viele Menschen träumen davon, im Netz das ganz große Geld zu verdienen. Um eine der scheinbar unzähligen Möglichkeiten optimal zu nutzen, stellt sich jedoch zuerst einmal die Frage, womit man im Netz überhaupt Geld verdienen kann. Weiter lesen…

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Jürgen Hartmann ist ein Internetmarketer, der seine intensiven Nachforschungen und sein Wissen zum Thema “Heimarbeit am PC – Geld verdienen” gerne hier auf diesen Blog mit anderen teilt.

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Gaining Shares To A Promotion Using Upviral

Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers. Wikipedia

Growth Hacking is both a buzzword and a real thing, a phrase that poseurs throw around and a profession that is responsible for billions of dollars of wealth at some of the biggest companies in the world. I was first exposed to growth hacking in a wake-up call kind of article written by Andrew Chen called “Growth Hacker is the New VP [of] Marketing.” What’s a growth hacker? I’m a VP of Marketing (at the time at American Apparel). But there was no denying the success of the companies who were experimenting with these new tactics, who were focusing less on marketing and more on growth: Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Pinterest.

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Green Screen Academy Demo

With over 12 international awards for our video work and decades of experience working with companies from CBC to Rogers, CreativeWorks Marketing is pleased to offer five key tips for planning and producing your own professional video.



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Your Profit Store Review

If you’re a business decision maker, chances are you’re having a hard time figuring out the best ways to promote and grow your business on the Internet. You’re not alone. Business people come to us all the time, frustrated and overwhelmed by the complexities of marketing online. They’re exhausted from trying to do it all themselves. They just want to get back to what they do best—running their business.

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A Catalyst for your Online Success

If you’re tired of trying to be your company’s Internet expert, we have a great solution for your problem: Hire a company that already is an Internet marketing expert– RyePoint Internet Marketing. Our RyePoint team has steadily honed our online marketing skills since 1995 when the Internet burst on the world stage and began to revolutionize how we all communicate and conduct business. The Internet has shed its skin a million times since then, but RyePoint Internet Marketing is still here, growing, evolving, and guiding our clients with a steady hand.

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Social Traffic Jacker Demo

This project hopes to bring about the reduction by ten percent of gross litter at five bus stops in the City of Durham. Through the method of a targeted anti-litter campaign, we hope to target cigarette litter and fast food waste. This will occur through the use of social marketing methods by way of social media (Facebook and Twitter), presence at Durham events, passing out of swag (pocket ashtrays) at bus stop study areas, and the existence of flyers at bus stops and in DATA buses. By partnering with the Durham Stormwater Management Department, Keep Durham Beautiful, and DATA Transportation, this study will be made possible.

A pre study and post study assessment will be conducted to determine if social marketing intervention was a success. It is our hypothesis that the use of a social marketing campaign will significantly decrease gross litter in Downtown Durham, NC. It is specifically hypothesized that this campaign will create a ten percent decrease in gross litter at the five bus stop study areas. Informed by results of the study, our final objective is to make recommendations to the Durham Stormwater Management Department for potential courses of action in preventing littering behavior in downtown Durham.

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Revealed The Best Upload A WordPress Theme

 UPDATE: Check out our updated post giving you all of the latest WordPress statistics, a lot has changed since 2014!

There’s no disputing the fact that WordPress is by far the most prominent CMS out there. The brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress has risen to superstardom in the blogosphere in the 11 short years since it was released.

You might be thinking that you already know just how popular WordPress really is. Think again, because these 14 WordPress usage statistics may well give you pause for thought.

When you consider that there are is an enormous amount of alternative content manage systems available, this statistic speaks volumes about WordPress popularity.

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Understanding The Openness Personality Trait

OneMain Financial

Citi Foundation

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Imagine yourself in a fast paced, creative environment that offers a variety of career pathways. What type of organization would be the best fit for your personality?

Step 1 of 4.

What type of office environment do you prefer?

Step 2 of 4.

Do you prefer a variety of work or do you like to focus on specific tasks or projects?

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Residential Plumbing Repair 92114 And Free Estimates

Welcome to our website.  PipeMasters Plumbing is your local, professional plumbing service for all your plumbing needs.  We can:

• Repair or replace your toilet, sink, faucets, tub or shower

• Install any new bathroom fixtures

• Remodel your bathroom

• Repair, replace and maintain your water heater

• Install or repair water conditioning systems

• Clean and unclog your drains

• Install and maintain sump pumps and sewage pumps

• Install garbage disposal units

• Inspect and repair all aspects of your pipes and plumbing system

• Winterize your home to protect against cold damage

Do you need something and don’t see it listed? Give us a call today to discuss your needs with us.

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