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Houses To Rent In Ashford

room for rent for student gate house
locate rhodes ranch golf course…

A private room for sublease in Davis, CA
– 5-7 mins bike to UC Davis

Westlake Village CA 1162 S WESTLAKE BLVD UNIT C

I am renting a single room with bathroom in Westlake Village. Full…

Hello! I live in this house in which I am looking to rent out 2 of the…


Black And White Photos For Beginners

Richard Pelletier's Photography Journal

{ writer + photographer }

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Buy Gifts Get An Accountant Gift

WABASH, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana State Police said a former bookkeeper for the Wabash County Clerk’s Office stole around $75,000 over two years by depositing some of the clerk’s office’s funds into her own personal bank account.

According to police, Sara Chamberlain, 44, of Urbana, was arrested Friday. The investigation began in September of 2013 after an Indiana State Board of Accounts audit showed missing funds in accounts controlled by the Wabash County Clerk’s Office.

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How To Become A Minimalist

Based on Bootstrap CSS, a fully customizable, minimalist theme with masonry layout and drag & drop sortable sections of the front page.

Fully customizable
Can choose colors, header image, background color, logo image, fonts, sidebar layout options and much more.

Drag & Drop Front Page
Front page template includes a content sections (recent posts, widgets, etc.) that are managed and sorted by the Customizer. Theme comes with frontpage elements as custom widgets. The ability to set the layout of the widgets area: 2-4 columns or slider. You can select up to 3 pages as featured and show them on the front page.

Image Post Format
Posts can be standard format or image format for photographs. Recent posts with format image have a filterable section on the front page.

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Most Popular Electronic Devices For 2017

CREATE FIENDISHLY enjoyable undercover agent instruments AND COUNTERMEASURES

Fully up-to-date all through, this wickedly creative consultant is jam-packed with a large choice of stealthy sleuthing instruments you could construct your self. 101 secret agent instruments for the Evil Genius, moment version additionally indicates you the way to reclaim your privateness through concentrating on the very mechanisms that invade your area. tips to disable a number of undercover agent units by means of hacking simply on hand home equipment into cool instruments of your personal, or even flip the tables at the snoopers through the use of gadgetry to gather details on them.

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Photography Tips Kinds Of Camera Flash

January 1998
by Robert Novella

Tales of ghosts and spirits can be quite compelling and convincing but many people view photographs of these ghostly phenomena as better evidence or even proof of their existence. They have been proffered as evidence ever since the development of modern photography in 1839. Images generally range from bright spots of light and wispy smoke-like forms to detailed images of human faces. But, disregarding hoaxes, many convincing photographs can more easily be explained as photographic artifacts produced accidentally by the photographer, the developer, or even the camera manufacturer.

Photographic artifacts are anomalous images in photos caused by poor camera work, faulty camera design or improper developing. They are ubiquitous because millions of people take photographs every day throughout the world and because cameras are readily available and inexpensive. Once there are enough people involved in an activity, any activity, even rare events become more and more commonplace. Exacerbating this is the fact that most of these photographers are non-professionals with little technical knowledge and experience in proper camera work. The result is a glut of poor pictures with unusual images that seem to defy conventional explanation. Since many people are enamored with the paranormal and rarely, if ever, consider more mundane explanations for mysterious phenomena, a metaphysical conclusion is quickly and easily reached. What they do not realize is that these more mundane explanations concerning artifacts are the simplest explanations and they have been shown to be responsible for all “ghost” photographs that have been seriously investigated. The principle of parsimony (Occam’s Razor)guides us in these situations recommending that the simplest explanation, among two or more that explain the same phenomena equally well, should be ruled out before more complex ones are supported. There are many types of photographic artifacts but they can be distilled down to five major types; flashback, multiple exposure, light diffraction, camera cords, and light leakage.

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How To Do A Photoshoot

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Product listings are a key part of selling products online. Having great quality product images boosts conversions, but creating high-quality product images for every single one of your products is difficult.

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Pier And Beam Repair Austin Pera & Beam Service

Photo showing concrete cylinders that make up pressed piers for foundation repairWell, I finally had to get it done…put piers under house. Not that I did any of the actual work, of course. All I had to do was take pictures and produce a checkbook. And be overly curious about home foundation repair process, (since it was happening to my home) and be generally in the way.

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Mobile Welding Contractors Raleigh NC

A1 METALWORKS LLC in Dallas,Texas is a full service machine shop and welding company.  We service clients across a broad range of industries who need fast,reliable and high quality repairs and fabricated metal products.

                                           404 E. Lawson Rd

                                            Dallas, TX 75253


Our Services:

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Beginners Guide Edit Images

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Editing or Deleting an Image Gallery is much like editing or deleting an image. After clicking on an Image Gallery that has been inserted into your Page or Post, two icons will appear on top of the gallery. Clicking the Edit button (Edit image gallery) allows you to edit the image gallery properties. Clicking the Remove button (Delete image gallery) will delete the image gallery from your content. It will only remove the image gallery from your Page or Post, it will not delete any images from your Media Library.

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