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Messe Werbung Für Trier



Even for Donald Trump, the distance is still fun to think about, up here in his penthouse 600 ft. in the sky, where it’s hard to make out the regular people below. The ice skaters swarming Central Park’s Wollman Rink look like old-television static, and the Fifth Avenue holiday shoppers could be mites in a gutter. To even see this view, elevator operators, who spend their days standing in place, must push a button marked 66–68, announcing all three floors of Trump’s princely pad. Inside, staff members wear cloth slipcovers on their shoes, so as not to scuff the shiny marble or stain the plush cream carpets.


Using Your Facebook Group To Promote Your Event

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Parents understand the power of a social network. From the day we bring baby home, we defer to experienced “been-there, done-that” parents and other newbies to answer pressing questions like, “what’s the tooth fairy’s going rate?” or “what’s the trick to getting a picky eater to eat?” almost daily. And what better place to expand your knowledgeable network than through the Internet’s original virtual network—Facebook. So whether you’ve got questions about baby wearing, need a play date in your ‘hood or want to trade out your tyke’s bike, we’ve got a group for you.

Find the tools and tips you need to parent like a rock star on Red Tricycle’s own parent group page, Things to Do with Kids in Seattle. On it, you’ll find events, ideas and activities that transform everyday parent-kid outings into memorable adventures that are surprisingly easy to do. It’s also a place for moms and dads to ask the “who, what, where and when” questions that always seem to crop up before you hit the Emerald City with your crew. Or to post what you know by sharing your own kicking kid-friendly events within the group. Ready, set, connect!

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How To Get Your Ex Back

Ex Recovery System

In this video Ashley Kay talks about what you should do if your ex is seeing someone else but you want them back.  It’s very common for people to jump quickly into a new relationship because people tend to stay in the relationship they are in unless there is someone else they have their eye on. Ms. Kay says this new relationship may not be as bad as it seems.

Video: how to win back your ex girlfriend


How To Get Back With Ex

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Video here: How To Win My Wife Back

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Video here: How To Win My Wife Back

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Video here: How To Win Your Girlfriend Back

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Video here: How To Win Your Girlfriend Back

Original article can be found here

Watch video on Youtube: How To Win My Wife Back

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Watch it on Youtube: How To Win My Wife Back

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Watch it on Youtube: How To Get Back With Ex

First Communion Gifts For Godson


Once a month, on the first Sunday of the month, I gather with the people of Cannon Beach Community Church to celebrate in worship the sacrament of Holy Communion. Of course, we can commune with God night and day, anytime, anyplace, by opening our hearts to God’s presence, enjoying God’s company in the middle of the night, over a cup of coffee in the morning, while on a walk, or in the midst of our workday. But, one of my favorite times in worship is when we gather in the middle of a service of worship to celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Just like that evening in Emmaus, as recorded in Luke 24, Jesus is the host at this Table, we are welcomed guests. We come because Jesus invites. As our Lord breaks bread, gives thanks, and offers to us his grace upon grace in this Bread, our eyes are opened, and we finally recognize him, risen, victorious, joyful, alive, majestic. Then, we look back and remember all he taught us along the road. “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32)

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Southern New England Weddding Photographer


With the recent weddings of Natalie Portman & Anne Hathaway, the south coast of Big Sur is becoming all the rage. I was fortunate to shoot a wedding at the exact same place where both had their receptions, right in between the 2 superstars weddings!

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Vallenato Music And Bogota (and Near From)

Words and images by Charlie Billups, edited by Don Macica –

“His strong cumbia beat with his very skilled accordion play reminded me of parties in my wife’s hometown of Corozal. I could close my eyes on Sunday and imagined that I was in Corozal or at the beach with his music on in the background and people dancing in a beach side restaurant. The atmosphere at the festival was exactly like that of a festival in Colombia.”

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An Amazing Couple Deserves Amazing Wedding Limos Service New York

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Surrey DJ Disco Professional Party / Event Hosting

The Wedding DJ in Essex

Last week saw me back at one of my favourite wedding venues in Essex. Gaynes Park. As winners of The Wedding Industry Awards, this stylish and contemporary barn plays host to weddings of all types throughout the year, offering exceptional service. It’s therefore no surprise we love playing here! Wedding Disco Gaynes Park Rock!

On Saturday we arrived early afternoon to set-up the disco before the bride and groom had arrived with their guests from the Church. Gaynes Park has an excellent layout where the dance area is actually to the side and concealed by curtains, so we remain anonymous for the day. We provided sound systems for the announcements and wedding speeches on the day also, this is a standard service we provide.

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Surrey Party Disco DJ Weybridge, Walton On Thames

Wedding Band for Hire

Hire a live band for your party or wedding.

We play throughout England and Wales.

Create your own playlist

If you’re looking for an edgy live party band to hire for your Wedding Entertainment, Corporate Party, Function or Birthday Party, then Northern Xposure are definitely the best you can get.

From Wedding Entertainment to Birthday Parties, Christmas Celebrations, Corporate Party, even Festivals, Northern Xposure have got it covered and will guarantee to get your guests dancing all night long.


Whether you’re planning a summer ball, graduation, dinner dance, student union event or party, Northern Xposure can perform a great selection of hits including Motown, pop (including current chart hits), rock and soul.

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