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Watch Out For Sao Paulo Brazil Crime

Brazil is one of the most amazing countries in the world for food, travel and luxury. While Rio de Janeiro and Salvador are wonderful, there are few places in the world quite like São Paulo. From its beautiful architecture to its stunning history, this Brazilian city is a treat for any who visit.

If you’re flying overseas to Brazil for only a couple of days, take a look at our list of the five attractions in São Paulo that you must see.

1. The MASP

There is no better art museum in the city than The Museu de Arte de São Paulo. The São Paulo Museum of Art has the finest Western art collection in all of Latin America, with works from ranging from Botticelli to Rembrandt. With a daily low entrance fee, try to visit this historical landmark on Tuesdays when you can enter for free.

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Cambodia Backpacker Vlog

Ah, Angkor Wat – Cambodia’s pride and jewel. While Southeast Asia is home to thousands of awe inspiring temples, there arguably none so enchanted as as the impressive Angkor Wat temple grounds in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. Temple tourism gets exhausting, and can often be underwhelming as [despite their varied histories] only […]

The story of an overnight bus Sihanoukville, Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With our shiny new Vietnamese visas in hand, we boarded a sleeping bus in Sihanoukville. We were ready to get out of Cambodia after spending an extra day waiting for us visas to be processed. We […]

By now you have probably researched enough to realize that you cannot get a visa on arrival, like all of Vietnam’s neighbouring countries. But don’t fret, applying is easy.

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I’m A Travel To Palawan

Do you want to remove the powered by WordPress footer links on your site? Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to remove footer credits in WordPress themes. In this article, we will show you how to remove the powered by WordPress footer links in your themes.

Remove Powered by WordPress Links

The default WordPress themes use the footer area to display the “Proudly powered by WordPress” link. Many theme developers take this further and add their own credits, so it looks something like “Powered by WordPress. Theme by Company Z”.


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When Is The Best Time For Gozo Diving Sites

costumewinner_2015Come run the MERRIEST RACE in Town on November 18, 2017 – Good Samaritan’s 12k’s for the Holidays! You can sign up TODAY – Online Registration is OPEN!

The 12k’s for the Holidays Charity Run is a great way to start the holiday season. The 12k run, 5k run and 5k walk wind through the beautiful historic Fondren neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday, November 18th. This fabulous race is a fundraiser for The Good Samaritan Center, helping families in crisis for 40 years.

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Pfeiffer Hemingway Museum In Piggott Arkansas

Supercharged Videos

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Understand Online and Print Media

Creating a blog is a great way to promote yourself and your business—in addition to driving traffic to your website, regular blog entries are an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in your field. But as with everything on the Internet, people must be able to find your blog before it becomes useful for you or for them. Below are a few tips for optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines. I’m focusing on blogs powered by WordPress because it’s the most popular blogging system and can be easily customized with a variety of plugins for search engine optimization.

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Kayak Adventure Laos

One of the many advantages of travelling with Stray Asia is private transportation. Along the Mekong River, Stray takes a 2-day slow boat trip, run by a local family. This allows us to travel out our own pace with plenty of room on the boat for both people and food, in stark contrast to the public boats which are often over-crowded with irregular departure times.

Stray blogger Naomi takes us on her journey…

White sand beaches in Laos along the Mekong

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Tips On Install An RV Refrigerator Fan

Since I started my full time RVing website five years ago, we have over those years offered to assist folks with their RV problems.  People come to our site and leave us questions to see if we can help them with their issues.

rv electrical problems

Video: Rv Refrigerator Efficiency


Travel Club Membership Deals Good Deal ?

Is there a way to remove Proudly powered by WordPress | Education Hub by WEN Themes from the footer?

Hello @s_paced

As far as I would love to help you with this issue but the free version of the theme doesn’t have option to change or remove Proudly powered by WordPress | Education Hub by WEN Themes from footer.

However there is pro version of the theme available which will let you to edit or remove Proudly powered by WordPress | Education Hub by WEN Themes from footer easily, further more there are lots of other awesome feature available in pro version of the theme which are not available for you in free version.

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Bike Touring Cartagena Colombia

All about life in Cartagena, Colombia

As a foreigner, coming from the Netherlands where everything is close by and only a bike-ride away, I was very curious to know, where and how the supermarkets in Cartagena were.

I was surprised to see the good quality and low price of fresh products. Below is a quick “cheat sheet” of the different stores:

Existing supermarkets in Cartagena include Ara, Mega Tiendas, Jumbo, Exito, Carulla and Olimpica.


Food, electrical equipment, clothes, top quality products, good meat, good prices.


Good quality products, expensive compared to other supermarkets.


Cheap, in some stores you can only pay cash, look for the grilled chicken very nice (9.900 pesos) and the Bianchi (chocolates with caramel).

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Intuitiv Und Effektiv Deutsch Lernen Online

Mit dem Altwerden ist es so eine Sache. Immer tut einem was weh, die zurückliegende Zeit wird immer länger, und die Erinnerungen aus der Kindheit werden oft durch die Wirklichkeit und die erwachsene Sicht auf die Dinge relativiert. Mit diesem Thema beschäftigt sich der folgende Text von Axel Hacke, den wir für deutschlernerblog didaktisieren durften. Übung zum Leseverstehen Deutsch C1 Lest den Text und die Wörter aus der Liste. Ergänzt den Text mit Wörtern aus der Liste. Axel Hacke: Das Beste aus meinem Leben (02) Hier gibt’s die Übung zum Leseverstehen als PDF zum Herunterladen für zu Hause oder den Deutschunterricht. Quelle des Textes: SZ-Magazin, Heft 38/2007. Didaktisierung und Veröffentlichung des Textes auf mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Axel Hacke. Hier findet ihr mehr über Axel Hacke. Alle Texte aus der Reihe Das Beste aus meinem Leben von Axel Hacke. Bücher und CDs von Axel Hacke findet ihr beim Verlag Antje Kunstmann. Mehr Übungen zu Texten von Axel Hacke Mehr Übungen zum Leseverstehen Deutsch C1     

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