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Content Samurai supposedly makes it unbelievably easy for anyone to make a video online, and in this review we are going to see what others are saying about this software. We will also go through a list of the main benefits, and well a list of pros and cons. Additionally, we will look at what sort of role video plays in terms of SEO.

Right, before I kick off, I first need to make something absolutely clear. I myself have never personally used Content Samurai. This is not because I don’t trust it or because I don’t have faith in it, but rather because I don’t have any immediate need for video presentations right now. Anyway, everything you read in this review is based solely on data and information which I found online while I was researching Content Samurai for the purpose of this review. The pros and cons in particular are also based entirely on feedback and testimonials put forward by other people who have used this and other software made by the same company. Okay, let us get started.

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