Handgun Training Article #1 Pistol Training

Shooter Handgun – completed shooting accuracy training sufficient to pass the Shooter Handgun Test. This test covers a variety of distances and has a minimum pass rate score. (Also meets requirements for those that took NRA Basic Pistol). You must show you can shoot accurately and safely.

The Shooter Test has 4 levels :
Fail – obviously! This is not a ‘participation’ event. It has a Pass grade to make it mean something
Level 1 – 70% to 79% accuracy score
Level 2 – 80% to 89% accuracy score
Level 3 – 90%+ accuracy score.

Requirements: Reliable Handgun, Revolver, or Auto 
    – 2 – 3 magazines
– 200 rounds of ammunition (.22 cal is acceptable) More if needed.
– holster and a sturdy belt

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