Online Geld Verdienen 2017 – Affiliate Lifestyle System Test

Project Create Your Own Lifestyle (Christiaan & Kelvin) are accredited affiliates and members of the SFM. This means that Christiaan & Kelvin receive affiliate commissions when they refer a new member/customer to SFM. Christiaan & Kelvin learned marketing with the SFM themselves so they are confident they are recommending some of the best education of it’s type available online.

SFM has a 30 day money back guarantee on the Basic Membership. If you, by whatever reason, are not happy or you change your mind, you can request your money back immediately. Besides this you may terminate your account at any time, there are no obligations between you and the SFM & DEA over a longer period. You may terminate your account in your SFM’s backoffice by sending a support ticket at any time with one month’s notice.

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Video here: Online Geld Verdienen 2017 – Affiliate Lifestyle System Test

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