Productos Light Para Perder Peso

Hello hello! After a whirlwind semester examining the narratives of food security in Tanzania, India and Italy, I’ve decided to settle down for a bit in Spain. I decided not to blog during the program, because my head would have exploded, but my SIT family can attest that I spent an inordinate amount of time journaling. As I was leafing through the wrinkled pages, I came to two conclusions. First of all, I love words. Not exactly a surprise for any…

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Wrapping a pair of shorts around your head is a great way to sleep through an early sunrise. When DC residents say bring an umbrella to work, they mean bring an umbrella to work. Thunderstorms here mean business. Stability balls will always be superior to chairs. After you roast sweet potatoes for an hour, the oven door will be hot. Do not touch it. Why did you touch the oven door. Networking is a scary term for chatting over coffee….

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Video here: Productos Light Para Perder Peso

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