Travelling In Siem Reap Records Angkor Video

Cambodia! That’s country number three in 1,5 week. It’s a bit rougher than Thailand and Malaysia. The traffic in Phnom Penh is sort of a chaos. But it’s organized at the same time. Nobody get’s angry when they have to wait or when they almost have an accident. After day one I was used to it. Just surrender yourself and go with the flow.

Last Sunday I visited the Central Market. A place where you can buy literally anything. From tarantula’s to PlayStations and from Nike running shoes to the most beautiful flowers. After that I hopped onto a motorbike to check out the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields. That was quite intense. It’s unbelievable what happened during the regime of Pol Pot. With the entrance ticket for the Killing Fields you get free audio tour. I just wandered around and listened to the horrifying stories. I don’t know which words to choose to describe this. So if you haven’t been there yet I suggest you to visit it and see it with your own eyes.

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